Wednesday, October 13, 2010

So my awesome friend Sara came over this evening and helped me with the baby announcements I'm making.  I'm doing a handful of homemade ones for family and then ordering the majority of them from Shutterfly.  A friend of ours got hers done by Shutterfly and they turned out really nicely, so that's the plan.  BUT, I read somewhere that one should address all the birth announcements before the baby actually comes, to cut down on the amount of work to do after the birth.  Well, you can't get the envelopes ahead of time from Shutterfly, so I turned that little piece of advice on its head and created more work for myself by deciding to make some of my own announcements so I could address those ahead of time.  Anyways, Sara was very helpful, we did lots of cutting, and I totally have a plan now for the rest.  It's the perfect type of plan - the kind that can be executed in front of the tv - so I'll be getting right on it first thing tomorrow.  :)

Robert punk'ing Scraps with all her toys (does it count as a punk'ing if she's awake and aware of what's going on?):

I'm a little worried about this dog.  We went for a long walk this morning - almost an hour - and a super-short one around the block this evening, and she was still bouncing off the walls before bedtime.  I don't know how well she's going to do when I'm out of commission after giving birth and her walks are drastically shortened.  She's two, so she should be a little bit slower than when we got her almost a year ago, but her energy level is just still so high.  When we try to cut down on her walks to accommodate our schedules, she gets so badly behaved that we I always end up caving in and upping her walk lengths again.  I don't know if she just flat-out needs all the active time or if we could get her used to a lower activity level by sticking out her bad behavior until she adjusts.

In other news, I found a baby monitor for us today, got a few more miscellaneous baby supplies, nothing big, and attempted to get the house clean.  Keeping my fingers crossed that the glider comes in tomorrow so I can pick it up and finally get the nursery DONE.  Entering the home stretch here now!


  1. Happy to help with the announcements! How are they turning out? Almost finished? How's the baby? Any movement or sign she's coming?

    P.S. I'm willing to dog-sit Scrappy anytime you want. She can come over and hang out with Mally and run around our place to wear her out. But I will require baby snuggle time in return. :)

  2. The announcements are turning out great! I'm pretty much done with them for now - just waiting on photos and info! And the baby is stubborn. No signs of nothin'.

    And I just might take you up on the Scrappy-sitting. She could use a friend to wear her out. :) But you can come snuggle my baby anytime!