Thursday, May 31, 2012

May Photos

So we're still all alive, and doing well to boot! Blogging (and photo-taking) has gone the way of most things lately - if it's not sleeping, eating, feeding, or changing diapers, I'm probably not doing a whole lot of it.

That's not to say life isn't good. It's been a nice time, cocooning up with my little family and taking a break from the outside world for awhile. Robert took a few days off before the holiday weekend and we enjoyed the heck out of being a family of four for a few days.

I've been taking a ton of iPhone photos (follow me on Instagram! (jesglunt)) so maybe I'll post some of those up here. (By the way - Shutterfly has a great app for uploading iPhone photos and they say I can put them in a photobook when I'm done. Looking into it for the 1600+ pics I have on my phone, since apparently I'm running out of memory... Not to mention I don't have them backed up elsewhere and I'd be really upset to lose my phone and lose all those snapshots of daily life.)

Anyways, the big girl camera hasn't come out very often lately. The few times it has has resulted in these pics (yes this is for the entire month of May.... where did it go?!):

First bath!

Looks like we have a shower-singer here.

Julia, post-sprinkler, enjoying her sand and water table.

Life is good.

I could eat this up.


Yes, eventually I realized that a pink baby on a pink blanket is a little much.

Daddy's eyes, just like her sister.

This one is a fan of her tongue. It's pretty much always out of her mouth.

Daddy's ears too.

Little baby arm rolls - I take full credit for those!

Quick update on us all:

Lana is five weeks tomorrow. She's definitely waking up, which is cool to see, but challenging as a parent because she's in such a transitional stage right now - wanting to experience more of the world, but not quite mature enough to process it without becoming overwhelmed. She's nursing like she was born to do it, and sleep is going pretty well. Daytime sleep is all over the place but she does generally sleep at night, averaging two feeds a night.

Julia has pretty much adjusted to her sister and seems totally accepting of the baby (or the "waa waa") in our house. She's also challenging us because she's become quite the screamer and the climber lately, making it a little tough to keep everyone well-rested, well-adjusted, and injury-free. But, she's also trying to talk up a storm and really enjoying the summer - the pool, the sprinkler, the playground, the sand table.... It's fun to watch her grow into this little person.

Robert has been great. :) I couldn't ask for a better partner through all this.

My mom was also great. :) She helped us out the first three weeks of Lana's life, and that was so nice. Another set of (adult) hands around the house was SO helpful, and I know it wasn't exactly thrilling for her to give up her life for three weeks to sit around and cook and hold a baby. 

I'm doing okay too. So far, I have indeed managed to shower every day. And despite my promise to never pump again, I'm pumping at night so Robert can take one of Lana's middle-of-the-night feedings, and that's been absolutely vital to my well-being. So I'm actually doing pretty well. About a week ago, I even thought, "Hey, I've got this." Life with two under two is hard, but hard in the way that anything worth doing is hard.

I'll return to blogging when things settle down a bit here and I feel more like it. Hopefully I'll have some photos to post now and then too. :)