Thursday, October 28, 2010

Julia Maslen

Thank you so much for all the well-wishes, especially from Sara and everyone else who headed over here from her blog!  We didn't have internet in the hospital so this is my first chance to post anything.

One day old

1.5 days old - the eyes are finally open!

Holy cow have you ever seen a cuter baby?

Finally going home!

My induction appointment was at 1:00 AM Tuesday.  She was finally born at 11:49 PM on Tuesday.  I really want to write and post a timeline/birth story, and I will give all ya'll the gory details then.  But we both came out of it just fine (I've been surprised at how well I'm holding up - I think I took too much stock in everyone's birth horror stories!) - although I'm definitely running on fumes at the moment - and now we're all trying to get adjusted to life as a family of 4 (yes I count the dog). 

We both just liked the name Julia, and Maslen is an old French name that means "little Thomas," which is my dad's name.  He's been a phenomenal father to three daughters and I really wanted my child to honor him and carry on his name.  We've been calling her Lia throughout the pregnancy but we're not sure whether Julia or Lia will stick.  Either way.  She's the most beautiful baby ever born and we can't stop looking at her.  :)

Will post more when I get back on my feet a little. 


  1. Oh she is just beautiful!! Congratulations!

  2. Look how tiny she is in that car seat!! So adorable!!

  3. She's so beautiful, Jessica!! You guys did great!! Can't wait to meet her!!

  4. I'm a friend of Sara's...congratulations!! She's just beautiful, and love the name!!

  5. Just saw this! So few newborns are that pretty right off the bat Jess. Good job!! Congratulations!