Thursday, October 21, 2010

No baby yet.

No baby yet.  No real contractions (although this might be good since I think I might go crazy if they were to start up only to stop again), no nothing.  Scrappy and I had a lovely walk this morning and then I pretty much vegged out for the rest of the day.  We've had the most gorgeous weather here these past few weeks, and it's really nice to live so close to a park with so many trails.  I'm glad I can take advantage of it, although the hills are rough.  I cannot WAIT to go walking/running/hiking again and feel normal while doing it.  This pregnancy has been an uphill battle - despite remaining fairly active, I just feel more and more out of shape every day.  Working out is supposed to get easier, not harder, the more you do it!  I wish I had taken some pictures of the walk this morning.  I'm planning to take the dog to the park again tomorrow morning so I'll bring my camera next time.

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  1. Well you look fantastic, even if you don't feel it! You're so close, she will be here before you know it!