Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I need to shout-out to my two followers, Sara and Robert!  I follow a few blogs but almost never post comments, thinking that these people surely have people they like and know better who comment on their blogs and why on earth would they want to read a comment from me?  But, now I'm like, overjoyed to see Sara commenting on my posts (I will not mention how many times I checked today to see if anyone commented) so I need to rethink my position and start commenting more!

Nothing much of interest happened today.  I bought an office chair on super-clearance and a guy came out to clear a blockage in our laundry room drain.  It's days like these - when the drain guy being on time and under budget is the highlight of the day - that I really miss working.  Even on the really crappy work days, at least I pulled in a salary and I could go to bed at night thinking that I did something worthwhile with the day.  I was just too beat today to be as productive as I wanted to be, so I'm hoping tomorrow brings a burst of energy. 

In nursery news, I finally put batteries in the swing we got for the baby.  It is LOUD.  The motor is incredibly creaky - the motor is way louder than the "soothing" noises that the swing plays so it's really annoying.  I keep reading reviews that talk about how quiet this swing is, so I feel like we got a defective one.  Unfortunately, we received it at our shower months ago and I'm sure I don't have the receipt any more - I think I even threw out the packaging already.  Not looking forward to fighting it out with Fisher Price on the phone tomorrow.

Cool story Jess.  ....I think I need a life.


  1. I'm catching up on my Google Reader posts over the last week and saw this post! So happy to be a follower and love commenting on your posts! Keep up the great work and you'll start getting followers. And commenting on other blogs is a great way to start!