Wednesday, August 15, 2012

And this one is teething?!

My mom swore that Lana was teething, and I swore that she wasn't. After all, Julia got her first teeth at six months, and Lana's not even four yet. But then today, she chomped down on my finger and by golly I think I felt a tooth in there. She hasn't officially cut any yet but it looks like she's well on her way.

My goodness these girls are growing up so quickly....

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

First day of school!

Julia had her first day of school today. She'll be going two days a week for three hours, to a Mother's Day Out program down the street. She was excited until we got there and I explained that I'd be leaving her there for a little bit. Then we walked into a room of crying toddlers and she started to panic. 

I hid and watched until she calmed down. I couldn't help it. I hid behind a bush and waited for her to stop crying. Then I finally got a grip and left. The teachers said she did fine when I went to pick her up, but she definitely seemed out of sorts. She calmed down quickly though, and she'll be fine as soon as she gets the routine down and understands that Mommy always comes to get her by lunchtime.

Here are a few pics from the morning:

"Smile, Julia? Oh great thanks."

Monday, August 6, 2012


So.... I'm a little late on a 3-month and 21-month update for the girls. Here's a quickie one for the books.



  • talking, talking, talking nonstop (as of now we're getting 3-4 word sentences and short conversations)
  • going under things
  • ice cream
  • the pool
  • bathtime
  • outside
  • playing pretend
  • Curious George
  • wearing the exact same thing as people around her
  • imitating everything
  • Scrappy
  • all things trucks, trains, motorcycles, cars, and construction machinery
  • soda (vitamin water)
  • identifying ownership of all things 
  • her family

  • reason
  • bugs
  • dirty hands
  • being told "no"


  • Mom and Dad
  • batting at toys
  • nursing
  • the first 15 seconds of tummy time
  • kicking in the bathtub
  • ceiling fans
  • drooling
  • chewing on fists
  • talking to Mom
  • being very serious
  • sleepsacks and pacifiers

  • having her nose cleaned out
  • people sneezing
  • being overtired
  • getting out of the bathtub
  • swaddles