Wednesday, August 15, 2012

And this one is teething?!

My mom swore that Lana was teething, and I swore that she wasn't. After all, Julia got her first teeth at six months, and Lana's not even four yet. But then today, she chomped down on my finger and by golly I think I felt a tooth in there. She hasn't officially cut any yet but it looks like she's well on her way.

My goodness these girls are growing up so quickly....


  1. Oh my! Lia is still ALL GUMS at 9 months!! Way to go Lana! Haha

  2. My mom said the same thing about Mac. He's only 3 months, but I guess it's possible. I can't feel a tooth yet, but he is drooling like crazy, is chewing on his hands like mad and really loves it when I massage his gums with my finger or give him a cold teething ring. Surely it's still too early, right? Please.