Monday, September 3, 2012

Lana's Baptism

We baptized Lana (awhile ago). She refused to nap beforehand so she was pretty salty throughout the whole thing. But, it was a lovely ceremony and R's parents had a lovely reception at their house afterwards. It's taken me an entire three-day-weekend to write those three sentences so I'm just going to throw some pictures up and call it a day.

I dare you - tell me that's not a beautiful baby.

"Let me out of here!"

Why thank you, my hair does look awesome.

Even in each series of photos all taken right in a row, Julia is a wildly different place in every single photo. She's like a church ninja.

The best photo I have of Julia.

R's parents (Lana's Godparents).

R's parents, my parents, and Ms Lana's tonsils.

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  1. Yes, Lana is beautiful. Yes, your hair looks great. :) Love the photos. And the little church ninja.