Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Photo dump

We are rounding out 21 months and 3 months! Time is flying (yet also sometimes it goes so so slowwww...). Julia is diving headlong into the terrible twos, and Lana is starting to really get interested in the world around her. Never a dull day around here.

Just photo dumping today, so here it is:

Goofy in the tub


Sweet girl when she wants to be.
I love something about the smooshy droopy baby-on-her-side face.
She's getting so active now.

Discovering the lower half of her body...

Trying oh so hard to roll over...
And then getting stuck when she does.

And this is usually how tummy time goes...
Fortunately Mom is there to flip her back in exchange for a half smile.
(Isn't she starting to look like Robert here?)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bath time for Julia

Ever since Robert took Julia for a six-week session of swimming lessons, she's been LOVING bathtime. She splashes, blows bubbles, and generally makes a big wet mess of the bathroom. I can't wait for Lana to get a bit bigger so we can bathe the girls together!

(and can you tell I was playing with my white balance?)

"If you're happy and you know it then your FACE will surely show it..."

Our current method of rinsing her hair. She totally doesn't get the concept of "look up!" so we bought this contraption instead. It's mildly successful.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sleep is magical

Lana is rocking the sleep lately (is she just easier than Julia or do I have a much better idea of what's normal and how to handle infant sleep?). So, despite the fact that I know it has almost nothing to do with me, it still makes me feel like an awesome mom. Now we're just in a holding pattern until she can go a little bit longer between naps and we can set up a daily routine.

Also, I'm working on justifying a nice, new expensive camera as an upcoming gift, so I'm trying to get better with the one I have now.

So, those two things combined equal:


It's not a photo update without a fingers and toes shot...

So here they are in all their itty glory. :)