Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sleep is magical

Lana is rocking the sleep lately (is she just easier than Julia or do I have a much better idea of what's normal and how to handle infant sleep?). So, despite the fact that I know it has almost nothing to do with me, it still makes me feel like an awesome mom. Now we're just in a holding pattern until she can go a little bit longer between naps and we can set up a daily routine.

Also, I'm working on justifying a nice, new expensive camera as an upcoming gift, so I'm trying to get better with the one I have now.

So, those two things combined equal:


It's not a photo update without a fingers and toes shot...

So here they are in all their itty glory. :)


  1. What camera?? I love your pictures. I'm going to take some lessons in the Fall so I can learn how to use mine.

    1. I decided to stick w/ Nikon, and their entry-level full-frame camera is the D800. Which is a ridiculous amount of money for someone who isn't taking photos professionally. Doesn't mean I can't still want it and dream about it.

      Awesome about the lessons. I hope to take a few someday too!

    2. Love this set of photos!! They lighting is perfect :)
      A good way to upgrade you gear is to go with a later model of a higher-grade camera. For example instead of trying to buy a D800 you could budget for a D700 which is still a heck of a lot if camera. The D90 is also a very good camera and a better choice for non-professional use.
      Another way to upgrade your gear without paying the high ticket price is upgrading your lens. It seems like you have a good lens already though.
      I provide affordable online classes. My next childhood photography class will be in the spring, most likely.
      Sorry for the long comment! I could talk about gear all day :)

    3. Faith - I hear rumors of a D600 being released for the holiday season... A more true entry-level full-frame camera. And I do love your classes. Haven't been participating as much as I'd like (haven't been participating at all, actually!) because I've been so overwhelmed with the two little ones at the moment. I'm hoping to carve out some time someday. Next spring may be perfect - it may take me that long to get everyone on a nap schedule! :)

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