Sunday, October 10, 2010

So I think of things I want to write about all day long, and then I sit down and hit "New Post" and can't think of a thing.  This weekend was pretty lazy; I had a to-do list a mile long and didn't do very much of it.  R and I did have a lovely Date Night on Saturday night, thinking it's probably not, but possibly, our last Date Night before Baby comes.  We went out to dinner, I got my belated anniversary present (love it!  R reset the diamond in my engagement ring), and we were lame and ran a few errands before remembering that we needed to feed the dog and heading back home.

Here's the only not-terribly-unflattering photo we took that night:

I am dismayed at how huge I am, but I'm trying to cut myself a break since I'm nine and a half months pregnant and all.

And here's a photo of my two favorite people from earlier in the week (R is not drunk, just tired!):

Isn't my dog the best?!  We think she's an Australian Cattle Dog mix, probably with some shepherd.  We don't know where those giant ears come from though!  We adopted her from the Humane Society days before we found out I was pregnant, and she's been awesome ever since.  She's a bit high-energy, but she keeps us active.  She's smart, independent, and she totally loves Robert more than me.  We spent some special Sunday time napping in bed together today and I loved it.  I can't wait to add Baby to the Sunday Football/Nap Mix!

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