Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Nothing new.

Nope, nothing new going on.  Ran errands today and picked up the house.  We're in pretty good shape, so if Baby wants to come anytime, she can and should.  I still have plenty of stuff on my "would like to do someday" list so I'm not exactly sitting around with my feet up, but the essentials are taken care of.  The nursery is done except for the glider, which I found out today will ship tomorrow (after two weeks of "it'll be here next week," I finally got the information from the retailer so I can just call the factory myself).  Not sure when it will actually arrive, and I've been holding off on calling the nursery "done" until it does, but I probably ought to go ahead and take my After photos now while I have the time.  Oh heck, why don't I just do that right now?


So here are the Before Photos.  This used to be my extra closet the guest room.

Here's an intermediate shot, after we got a contractor to come in, put in the super-high chair rail, paint, and hang the boring ol' chandelier:

And, here it is now.  Minus a glider, plus a bassinet.  So just picture something similar to this (but a white frame) -

instead of the bassinet.  It'll be going in the same place.

Crib and one corner.  I made a stencil and painted on all those damn flowers on the wall, then added a few fabric ones for accents (which are hard to see in the photo but cute in person).

The mobile I made.  I couldn't find ANYTHING I liked so I buckled down and made one to suit me.  I wrapped sticks with pink ribbon, wove in the flowers, hot glued it all together, and painted paper maché Christmas ornaments for the hanging part.  I made 9 other ornaments, all different colors and a few different shapes, but we're starting out with the black and white since that's supposedly all that babies can make out at first.



Other side of dresser w/ toy chest and adorable little hoodie towel.  I seriously love those things - the hoodie towels.  Could you come up with anything more adorable?  I'm going to put Baby in one every day and take a billion pictures every time. 

The unfinished part.  I'm ordering another curtain (why I thought only one would work, I have no idea) and a lampshade tomorrow.  I bought the table unfinished and painted it the same color as the upper part of the walls.  And, as we've been over, replace the bassinet with a glider.

Closet - "closed."

Closet - "open."  We used the Elfa shelving system from the Container Store, which actually worked out beautifully and was incredibly easy to order and install.  Then I bought a billion hot pink baskets and put all her stuff in those.

And I spruced up the chandelier.  I do NOT recommend hanging the chandelier first, then trying to add a ton of beads.  Eh well, live and learn.  Although I think I overpaid for the base chandelier itself, I'm really pleased with the way it turned out.

Lots of crafy stuff going on in there - for me at least.  I really had fun putting it all together, and it was definitely a luxury to be able to spend as much time on it as I did.  I also "remodeled" the new guest room, which used to be my study, and I'll do Before/After photos of that tomorrow since it's not nearly as fun as the nursery.  :)

Now I'm just waiting on a glider.  And a baby.  Tomorrow's my official due date.  Get here Baby!

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