Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 - Sleep and Smiles

When Lia was a few weeks old, we ran into another couple with a 3-month old.  They said their daughter slept all night and smiled at them all the time.  And I remember thinking, "Oh goodness if I could just get some sleep and smiles, life would be totally different!"  And now we're there.  She's sleeping like a champ (now if I could only put myself to bed at 10:00), and smiling every day - a lot.  She still requires my attention pretty much 24/7, but I'm working on letting go a little, with the help of my mom, who insists that she's perfectly fine to lay alone in her crib for a little while ("But she's sad and lonely!"  "No she's not, she's fine."  "But.... oh, she's asleep now.").

I'm with my family in Plano now, and will be for another several days, but my goals for this year are to: (1) write a little every day, (2) take photos every day (of the baby and otherwise), (3) work on eating right and exercising to get/stay healthy, and (4) actively express my gratitude and thanks for the good things in my life.  Nothing monumental, because I'd actually like to follow through with all of that, so it's more that I'd like to continue to work on those areas of myself. 

And there's the baby... Happy 2011!