Wednesday, January 12, 2011

She's.... napping?

Success!  I'm almost afraid to write this post since I feel like I'm going to jinx things, but my little non-napper is napping, in her crib!  I realized I was really cutting short any sort of "going-to-sleep" routine during the day, and basically just placing her in her crib when I noticed her getting drowsy, and finally reasoned that she needs a little soothing before bedtime, why would naptime be any different?  So I just fed her, rocked her, sang to her, and put her down, just like I do at night.  She fussed for awhile, and I had to go back in to calm her down once, but I didn't have to pick her up, and she's been quiet since!  Hooray!

Today we had lunch with a friend and went to Target for some new toys for the princess.  She's clearly getting bored of the ones she has now, so I picked up a few new things for her eyes to feast on.  The lion is one - she looked at him and batted him around for a good half an hour when we got home from the store.  :)  She is way more fun now than she was a month ago!

Lion?  Fist?  What to play with first?!

And yes, we still have a dog.  We have three inches of snow now and she's loving it, although the single-digit temperatures seem to be a bit cold for her (finally - this dog is impervious to weather!).  She's been getting on my nerves lately but it's just because we've all been cooped up in this house for too long.  But she's still adorable and loves posing for photos.

What shoe?  Your shoe?  Oh this was here already.

Well in the time it took me to upload those photos, Lia woke up, and she was not happy about it!  After some screaming and nose-suctioning (probably the thing I hate the most about a mom - I cannot wait 'til she's big enough to blow her own nose!), she's back in her swing.  Someday we'll get to whole naps in the crib, but for now, sleep in the swing is better than no sleep at all.

Man I hope I'm doing this right.

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  1. Yay for napping! And the shoe/bed pic is priceless, lol!