Monday, December 20, 2010

SAHM transition

So I used to be a lawyer - worked hard, played hard, and wore ridiculously expensive high heels and dry-clean-only outfits to work.  Then I traded that in for jeans and a laid-back 40-hours-a-week-maybe lab job.  Then I rolled into the 24/7 spit-up-on-sweats job of a stay at home mom.  All in less than two years and I'm pretty sure I'm having a little bit of trouble adjusting.

Part of it is this particular week.  We're driving to Plano for Christmas with the dog and the baby, then R is driving back a few days later with the dog, and Lia and I are flying back a week after that.  So I'm packing for a road trip with a dog and both a road trip and a flight with a baby.  Not that huge of a deal, except I've never done it before.  What am I going to forget and am I going to be able to fit it all in two suitcases?  Add in Christmas shopping, wrapping gifts, and keeping up with the house and I'm stressing.  Add in all the nursing and pumping I'm doing to stockpile several days' worth of breastmilk for our trip in late January, and I'm exhausted with only an hour here and there to actually get any work done.

I'm also struggling to adjust to being this boring and stupid.  I used to take pride in the fact that I could speak intelligently about current events and my particular areas of job-related "expertise."  Now, I found out that DADT was repealed from SNL, and R asked me what I thought of the tax cut legislation and I had to reply, "Oh, what happened with that?"  I'm learning all about child development and infant sleep habits but no one (other than other moms) really wants to have in-depth conversations about that (and other moms are probably as sick of it as I am - there's really only so much you can know about sleep cycles).  I'd like to make an effort to read more, especially to keep up with the outside world, but it's hard to find the time.

And I'm struggling with being on-the-job round-the-clock.  Actually, I'm okay with that part; it's more that I'm having trouble watching R come home from work and relax in the evenings and on the weekends.  He's off the clock.  And yes, I hand him the baby, but he holds her in his lap while he plays computer games... while I'm handing her off so I can fold laundry or do dishes.  Since I don't have a paying job, I feel like my contribution to the household is to keep it running smoothly - dinner, laundry, keep baby alive, etc., but it's just never ending.  I know this is the plight of all SAHM's, but I'm still struggling with it.  I would like two hours to just get all my crap done and then another hour to take a bath and a nap.


  1. the thing to remember about packing for a trip is that barring medicine there's nothing that you can't buy if you forget it.

    you're brave to do the SAHM thing...but i think that as lia gets older you'll be able to find play groups and library time and swimming lessons and what not to a) fill the time and b) give you adult contact.

    and not that i really know anything about SAHM-ing but i don't think its a bad thing for you to ask R to do some of the chores...y'all are a team regardless of who earns money.

    so that's my $0.02. hope it helps! you are doing a great job and lia looks great!!!

  2. hooray mama figuring out what ails the princess: diaper rash!

  3. It took me 6 years to quit working entirely. Going cold turkey can't be easy! You're doing a great job!