Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dusting this thing off

So it's been awhile... I've been busy with life.  I've been spending less and less time online as my "real life" has become all-encompassing, but I view that as a good thing.

Lia is doing really well.  She's over 11 pounds now - quite the little sack of potatoes!  She's coming off the end of a growth spurt right now, so she's still a little cranky from that but evening out more and more each day.  She's seven weeks today and just starting to really give us some quality social time each day.  She coos at us and makes noises like she's trying to talk to us.  And she gives Robert big smiles in the evenings, although she's a very serious little baby for me during the day.  Not grumpy, just very serious.  And today I'm pretty sure she learned that she can move her head from side to side; it was pretty cool to watch her figure that out.

She loves baths... until we get to the end.

Big stretch!

Tired mommy.

Our other "child," Scrappy, has been a handful lately.  I finally insisted that she go to doggie day care today because she's just been way too energetic for me.  (If the weather were nicer, it'd be no problem, but long walks and single-digit temperatures just don't go together.)  It was great.  She's spent the whole night laying around, finally out of energy for once!  She's been loving the snow we've gotten though.  It's been endearing to watch her play around and pounce in the backyard.

On a more serious note, White Bunny is not doing well.  Well, he's sort of not doing well.  (Background - he's an extremely old (11 years? 12 years?) rabbit that we somehow inherited from my sister.  He lives in the basement and is cute but antisocial - he just hops around in his pen and eats his hay and has a pretty boring but cushy bunny-life.)  We keep finding him on his side, laying down unable to get back up.  We flip him back up and he's fine, but he can't seem to right himself on his own.  He's eating and otherwise seems pretty okay for being ancient, but this doesn't seem sustainable.  Especially since we'll be out of town for several days over the holidays - what if he falls over that first day?  He'll die of dehydration before we're back in town.  We keep thinking he's dying and this is his last night alive, and he's always alive in the morning.  Not that I want him to die, but I don't know if he's suffering.  And I certainly don't want him to suffer for several days then die when no one's around.  *sigh*

Well, that's a brief update on the dependents in our family.  I'm hoping to get back online and update on R and I sometime very soon.  :)

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