Sunday, April 10, 2011

Solid foods Sunday!

So, now that we're all back home and settled (except for the dog who is still pissed off about being boarded in the kennel last week), we decided to give Julia the chance to try some rice cereal. She's already a champ at sipping milk off of a spoon, so it went surprisingly well. I'm in no rush to get her on solids, so we'll be taking it slowly. A little more rice cereal later this week, maybe some squash or applesauce next week.

Right now, my goal is to keep Julia on breastmilk only (plus the few solids we try) until she's six months. There's nothing magical about the number, and it's totally a point of pride for me rather than for any health benefits for her. I'm not pumping in the morning any more to make up her nighttime bottle, so we'll run through the freezer stash (which ought to last until her half-birthday), then start supplementing with formula once that's gone. I'm actually really happy to not be pumping any more, and I've definitely been looking forward to having that extra time in the mornings. I thought I'd feel badly about the formula supplementation but I totally don't - it's time to do it for my sanity and it in no way seems plausible that Julia's going to miss out on some health benefit if I give her a bottle of formula a day. I'm not going to drop nursing altogether until one of us is ready for that, but I am starting to look forward to the freedom that formula is going to give us.

And for those who don't want to watch the video, here are photos from our adventure today:

Dad, I totally got this already.

Oh. You put that stuff on these toys?

Milk bubbles mean I'm trusting you... 

Dad I hate this why are you making me do this you're sooooo meeaaaaannnn...

I'm soooo saaaaaad...

Oh wait. This is messy, and messy is kind of fun. Nevermind, I love you Dad.

Mom. I got this. Geez you people.

Seriously, I'm a pro.


  1. Great pictures!!! And, I agree. No rush on the solids. She did great though judging by the video :)