Friday, April 22, 2011

So... Bugs in the kitchen is like, a thing?

Where I grew up, there was no coexistence with ants in our house. Maybe because all ants were fire ants, but ants in our house or yard were eradicated, end of story. Of course I thought my father was cruel for poisoning them - I was totally a circle of life kind of kid - but all that changed when I got my own place. (Sidebar - last time I was home, I mentioned to my mom that the cereal she gave me was full of bugs, and her response? "Sorry! Oh well, John the Baptist ate bugs.") But anyways, bugs in my house - dead. No more saving crickets in cups or leaving spiders alone "because they eat the bad bugs." You a bug, in my space - uh uh.

So the ant invasion in my kitchen is giving me conniptions! I'm befuddled - where are they coming from? Why are they here? Why aren't they biting me? Why isn't Robert concerned??? You know what he says?

"My parents get ants all the time in their kitchen when it gets really wet outside. They're just trying to get out of the rain."

Wait. So this is a thing here? Ants invade when it rains?! It's just something to live with?

Look how sneaky they are. He ran for the edge as soon as he saw me. Freaky.

I am not a fan.

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  1. I HATE having ants in the kitchen! We had a serious ant problem in two of our last houses (not fire ants, just the tiny black annoying kinds), and I was able to fix it by finding the entry point where they were coming in and pouring cornstarch near it and along any of the established paths. They tend to avoid it (actually I think if they eat it and then drink water it expands in their system and kills them, gross), so when you put it near the entry point it stops most of them from coming in.

    They can come back in different places, so constant vigilance is required, but that's a non-toxic way to try to solve the problem that's been effective for us.