Saturday, April 16, 2011

Don't want to jinx myself, but I'm gonna go ahead and call "success"!

Little Julia slept from 7:30 last night until 6:30 this morning, then after a quick meal, again from 6:45 to 8:30! Woohoo!

It's atypical of her to get more than twelve hours of night sleep, so I don't expect a repeat of this on a regular basis, but I could really get used to a long stretch overnight without a feed. Now, the only problem is, I tried a bunch of different things and I'm not sure what was the key to the eleven-hour stretch. The last few nights I had been feeding her from the "bad" side, and she seemed like she was starting to get used to not taking in a big meal in the middle of the night. I also tried to tank her up as much as possible during the day, plus I added in two (very small) meals of solids yesterday. She stayed up a little later than normal last night, and the house got colder than normal overnight because we are getting a cold front. So, what was it? My efforts to nightwean her, the solid foods, the bedtime, or the temperature? Who knows. I don't care - I'll just keep doing all of them. I got a seven hour stretch of sleep myself last night and feel a billion times better than yesterday.

R comes home this evening, and I'm excited about that too. He won't get in early enough to help with any of the daily stuff (he'll probably roll in after the baby's down and just as I'm finishing up the daily dishes - convenient, huh?) but it'll be nice to have another adult in the house again. It's draining to be "on" all the time. I know I'm lucky that he's rarely away, and I know so many other women who are effectively single moms because their husbands travel so much, so I'm certainly not complaining, but that doesn't mean I won't be happy to have him back. I've already called Sunday morning sleep-in. :)

Hope everyone else has a great weekend!

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