Thursday, April 21, 2011


I've been out of sorts lately, although I'm not sure why. Part of it probably has to do with a cumulative lack of sleep. I don't know how other mothers with more poorly-sleeping babies than mine do it, but I'm running ragged right now. Even as Julia is sleeping more through the nights, I'm sleeping less. Sounds stupid, I know, but just trust me - that's how things are working out right now. I'm hoping this short-term discomfort turns into long-term sleep and happiness, although I'm not sure I see the light at the end of the tunnel right now.

And of course, when sleep sucks, everything else is exponentially harder too, so just doing laundry and putting dinner on the tables is daunting. Which is also stupid because it's just laundry and dinner - how hard can that be, seriously? I don't think I'm sick, I know I'm not pregnant (lol), so maybe it's just hormones or something that's been getting me down. But regardless, I'm hoping to get my act together sooner rather than later. I have all these things I want to blog about but the end of the day comes and I go, "blaaaaaaaah" and go to bed instead.

But I am slowly starting to work out again, and posting here keeps me motivated, so I'm resurrecting that. Yesterday, arms and abs at the gym and 30 minutes of 3 walking, 2 (slow!) running. My foot doesn't feel 100% but it seems to be holding up so I'm going to ease back into running. And since cardio gets me to the gym, hopefully I'll get back on the strength-training wagon too.

And now the good stuff - a scattering of photos I've taken over the last few days:

Is this not the most adorable dress in the world?!

Thanks so much Sara!

Except she's not a fan of the bow.

Or maybe she just wants to go outside and play.

Investigating a new toy.

Goodness gracious what is this thing?


"Help me - I don't know what emotion this is!"

But Daddy always makes her smile.

This morning - she doesn't need me any more! What a big girl! (Which of course makes me cry.)


  1. These are so great! I love the one of her looking away in the Burberry dress <3

  2. Oh that dress is just darling! And I love that "OMG Excited!" face. Too stinkin' cute!