Thursday, April 28, 2011

Odds and Ends

Throwing some of the randos out of my head and into the interwebz:

1. The baby is driving me bonkers. I think it's because my lower back has really been hurting for the past week or so, so my (not especially great to begin with) patience is especially thin, but I think she's either teething or in the midst of growing pains or having digestive issues because she's been relatively crabby lately. I say relatively because she's still a good lil baby, but I'm getting really sick of her really looking forward to the weekend.

2. Baby food has just. not. been. working. She dislikes being propped in her high chair and having mashed up goop fed to her on a spoon. I dislike burning an ounce of breastmilk to mix into said mashed up goop (which, btw, I made organically from scratch of course obvs), coaxing her through each bite and pretending like it's really awesome and fun, to have her only end up ingesting half a teaspoonful. R dislikes being handed a cranky, goopy baby and told, "Go give her a bath."

So I'm changing our approach. I remember one of our friends with two older children said to us awhile ago, "Oh we did all that baby food stuff with our first, in the 'right order' and all that, but we just gave our second regular table food from the start." And then I stumbled across an article today about feeding babies solid foods that reaffirmed what I was thinking.

So, from now on, Julia gets appropriate table food - whatever we're eating. She's old enough and developmentally far along enough to learn to feed herself finger food and chew and swallow without being force-fed purees.

We tried it tonight and it was great. She gummed a few pieces of chicken, seemed engaged and interested in sitting at the dinner table with us both, and I actually saw her chew for the first time. And I wasn't stressed out, trying to force coax more food into her or pissed that I spent ten minutes preparing something that she was just going to smear all over her high chair.

Of course I've only done reading and research into this issue from sources that agree with me, so I need to try to learn what the other side says, but if our pediatrician okays this approach (we see her Monday for the 6-month appt), then we're going full steam ahead with table food. I'm finally not dreading the transition to solid foods. :)

3. Yeah remember how I was going to go to the gym and stuff and post about it on here? Well I certainly haven't been going to the gym and NOT bragging posting about it on here. So this is my attempt to shame myself into getting off my freaking couch.

4. I think our bathroom remodel starts on Monday. Finally. I've been dreading it but it's like a final exam or something - at some point you just want to stop dreading it and get it started already. I need to take "before" pictures for you guys. (Like how I say "you guys" like I have this cadre of regular readers who are all excited and interested in the mundane details of the life of a stay-at-home-mom in suburbia? lol)

5. Our ant problem seems to be largely resolved, thank goodness. We were finding more and more of them in our kitchen, especially in our dishwasher, and so I freaked out and got obsessive about tracking them down and finding their entry point and had R run to Home Depot at 7:30 in the morning to buy three different types of ant poison. But, three different types of ant poison and a near electrocution (pulling out the dishwasher) later, they seem to be almost completely gone, and the ones we do see are dead or dying. Of course now I feel terrible for killing an entire giant ant family. And especially terrible for the ones that didn't get some of the poison so they go back to their home and find their friends and family all dead around them. So sad. :(

6. I'm never talking about Julia's sleep habits on this blog again because as soon as I make some stupid statement like, "Oh she sleeps 12 hours at night and takes three great naps," she decides to show me what she thinks of my pretense of being in charge.

7. No new photos today but here are a few bath pics from a few days ago:

I challenge you to look at this photo and not smile back.

Happy in the tub. 

Not quite so happy out of the tub but the hoodie towel kills me every time.

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