Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Heading to Texas...

Julia and I are heading to Dallas tomorrow. We're excited to be going, but stressed out today getting everything ready. I'm especially stressed about transporting breastmilk, the pump, and pumping accessories. I have five days' worth of frozen milk for Julia that needs to make it from my freezer to my parents' freezer - still frozen. I'll post when I get there to report on how successful I was. It better be pretty successful because I don't really have a Plan B.

We're looking forward to the weather (the weather here still hasn't sorted out that it's freaking springtime already). I'm packing a bathing suit for Julia just in case! We're also looking forward to going to Ikea. :) We're not looking forward to the plane ride but thankfully Julia seems to be in a pretty good mood lately and she tends to be content looking at new things. So I'm crossing my fingers that everything goes okay. Her naps are going to be all off but I don't think there's much I can do about it.

Robert and I will be flying off to Tucson for a few days in the middle of the Dallas trip. I'm nervous and sad about leaving Julia. She's with her grandparents, so obviously she's in good hands, but I hate being away from her (especially when she's cheery like she has been lately!) and it's harder than you might think to deal with pumping and breastmilk and all that when we're apart. I definitely prefer to just have her with me to nurse. This is an annual business trip of R's, but I don't see myself going next time we have a nursing baby. The plus side is that I have a massage and a pedicure scheduled for the trip and I'm looking forward to that like you'd not believe. I'm even thinking I might get a haircut to celebrate.

Anyways, a few pics before I close up the computer for awhile:

I'm gonna miss this little bug!

Yes Scrappy, I'm going to miss you too.


  1. Have a great trip and good luck! I'm sure you'll do fine with the milk transportation and all that ;)