Friday, March 25, 2011

Closet remodel

So I was looking for these photos, and realized they were in my February folder, and here it is - the end of March! It's not the world's greatest remodel but we're pretty happy with it so I thought I'd do a blog post.

The closet "shelving" we inherited with the house looked like this:

Icky, huh? Here's our master closet, before, sans clothes. (Why on earth didn't I snap a shot with all the clothes jammed in there before? Just trust me - it looked terrible and it was so hard to find anything in the mess.) Robert has the left side of the closet; I have the right; and we both only have five feet of room. It's not a ton of closet space (on the Must Have list for our next house: a walk-in master closet) so it was really vital that we use the space efficiently.

We pulled all that gross shelving down, filled the 86,000 holes in the wall, and painted. Then we hung Elfa shelving we bought from the Container Store. We snapped this up in January during their annual sale - a little Christmas gift to each other. (Robert was not near as thrilled as I was.) We had tried the shelving in the guest room/study and Julia's room, and found it really simple to install and pretty darn nice-looking. The master closet shelving was no exception. We splurged and bought drawers, and I'm in love with them - totally worth it to keep those piles of jeans and sweatshirts from spilling over everywhere.

Here's the after:

Robert's side.

My side.

Whole shebang.

And then with clothes:
Robert's side + clothes.
My side + clothes.

With a classy hugely overflowing trash can in the middle. Ignore that, k?

Like I said, I'm thrilled. I think Robert could take it or leave it, but I think it was pretty awesome.

This is the first of several projects we plan to do over the next few years. Up next is the bathroom (construction will start in the next month or so!), and I'll actually take some real "before" photos with that one!

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  1. looks good! i totally understand the walk in closet...ours is prolly want should have been a half bath....but it has a window and light! love it!