Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Busy day!

Julia had her four month pediatrician visit today. She's 14 lbs, 2 oz, which is much less than I thought she'd weigh - she sure feels like a sack of potatoes when I carry her around. I guess I just know a ton of people right now with giant babies, so Julia, with all her measurements falling in the 45th-55th percentile, seems downright tiny in comparison. She's doing great, though, and she was a champ for her vaccinations (and I didn't cry this time!). 

Then, we get home and less than two hours after sadly circling, "No" on the developmental questionnaire I get at the ped's office after the question, "Has your baby rolled over more than one time?" she busts a move and figures out the roll! 

I missed the first one, but she did it another 8-10 times in a row after that initial one and I caught one on video!

She's also figured out the high-pitched squeal. Looks like we'll be having an adventurous next couple of days, full of squealing and rolling.

In other news, it's Ash Wednesday today and I still have no clue what I'm doing for Lent. I already limit my favorite vices since I'm still nursing, so none of those would be a good thing to give up. I ought to make time to be mindful and grateful once a day, but if it's not realistic, I won't do it and then I'll end up doing nothing. I can't give up facebook or internet - most days it feels like my one link to the outside world of grown-ups. I guess mindfulness and gratitude it is...

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