Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mopping up

Mishmash of thoughts:

1. I think my last post about the cloth diapers seemed a little too cheerleader-y for them. I think they're great, but they're not perfect. We had two fairly major leaks today and they are definitely more work. I'd just encourage anyone who's on the fence to give them a shot. I bought up a bunch of different brands and types off of craigslist, which let me (a) not spend a ton of money, (b) get a really good feel for how well different diapers wore and washed, and (c) get a really good feel for how brand new diapers would act once they've been used for several months.

2. Any of Julia's previous napping successes seem to have been aberrations. She now exclusively naps in half-hour increments, about 5 times a day. It's better than not napping at all, but it's driving me crazy. I can't get much done, and it's really tough to go anywhere because she's pretty much always either hungry or sleepy or about to be one of those two. We made it to the mall today for a few hours and it was exhausting. For both of us.

3. I think I'm out for the marathon. There's just no way I'll be up for it at this rate. My foot feels a little better, but that just means I can walk around the house, not take the dog for a nice walk, much less go for a jog. Of course it hurts much more when I'm lugging the baby across the parking lot with her 50-lb diaper bag because I couldn't find a parking spot near the door because assholes kept cutting me off and I finally found a spot twenty miles away and I'm hobbling inside muttering, "Oh sure cut off the lady with the baby and the broken foot watch me limp inside carrying my heavy baby on my freaking broken freaking foot."

4. We got a jumparoo today! Julia's not really big or strong enough for it but I put her in it anyways. Her feet don't come close to the ground so I just put boxes or a pillow underneath it. And she has a little trouble staying upright. And I don't have enough batteries so I couldn't put in the coolest toy. And I left all the plastic bags (suffocation hazard!) all around there on the floor too. In the middle of my front hallway because there's nowhere else to put it because my house is so messy. Feel free to nominate me for Mother of the Year any time now.

What is this thing?

I like it!

Toys above my head too?!

Taunting... (Check out that mess in the background)

Got it!

Now what?

Bang it?

Slouch over? Getting tired now...

Still adorable though.

And.... we're done.


  1. this made me lol. And I love her big eyes!

  2. you're doing a great job! her cuteness is increasing everyday!

  3. Ahhhh!! Love those jumparoo pictures!! She looks like she's having a blast!