Friday, February 11, 2011


Hooray Friday! And tonight I think R and I are going out to dinner - a true date night! Awesome!

The babe is still pretty darn cute. I was reading to her this morning, both of us laying on our backs on the floor, and she was way more interested in playing with my face. She grabbed my lips a few times and I nibbled on her fingers, which totally shocked her. Adorable. (Although I swear if she drags her little razor-sharp baby fingernails down my chest one more time when I'm nursing her...)

Gym yesterday: 3 minutes on stair machine, 3 minutes on bike. Which is kind of embarrassing when the gym is fairly crowded and you feel like everyone's looking at you hop onto a machine, get all set up with your stuff and your headphones, hit start, go, "OMG this sucks!" and get off three minutes later. And then do it on another machine, again. But, I did weights for awhile afterwards so it wasn't a wasted trip. I need to pick up some goggles but I might try some lap swimming since that shouldn't hurt my foot but still give me good cardio. Of course, I'm still pretty out of shape so I'll just do that three-minute thing again, which will suck, so we'll see.

Alright I seem to be tired enough that I'm having trouble spelling words and stuff, so I'm just going to post my pics and call it a day.  :)

Right after this, she jammed that leg in her mouth and started to gag. Someone's not ready for solid foods yet!

She loves being in her blanket tent!

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