Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hump day!

Again... not much to report! Julia is still raspberrying her way through the days. I finally got shamed into doing more tummy time with her, when I realized she is woefully behind in her arm and neck strength. She hates tummy time, but loves laying on her back playing with her toys, so guess which one I let her do more often. So far, we've done 3-4 minutes twice a day for the last few days, and already I can tell that she's getting stronger. My goal is to increase that to three times a day so that when my mom visits in a few weeks, Julia will be strong enough that my mom can stop harassing me about her arm and neck development.

My foot still really hurts. I'm going to make it to the gym tomorrow to do weights and try biking and see if I can't get some cardio in that way. Spinning scares me (the people seem so hardcore!) yet I'm also kind of disdainful - seriously how much of a workout can it be if you're sitting?? But, maybe I'll give it a shot.

Julia's going to her grandma's tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to it like nobody's business. Maybe it's because we've been stuck in the house these past few days because I've been trying to establish a nap schedule, but I'm really hankering for some time to myself. I don't even want to do anything exciting. I just want to go to the gym, the store, sterilize bottles, and weed out some clothes for Goodwill. (We're remodeling our closet (as much as one can remodel a ten-foot reach-in) and I'm totally excited for it - but that'll be another blog post.) (We also just ordered a whole set of cloth diapers for the baby, which I'm also really excited about but will - also - be another blog post.) But anyways, I'm psyched for the time alone tomorrow - usually Gaga takes Julia on Wednesdays so I guess I didn't realize how nice those couple hours are until I didn't get my mid-week break.

Here are the only pics I took of the baby today. I'm thinking I might try to do my own little photoshoot with her this weekend. I have a basket that I bet she'd look really stinking cute in.



Give me that camera. Give it to me. (I have six other photos just like this one!)


  1. Srsly? More baskets? Srsly?

    I think Mom is thinking "Ga Ga" (Guh Guh) not like Lady Gaga, despite our best efforts.

  2. Spin class is an insane workout! You can cheat and make it easier by not putting as much resistance on the bike, but it is no joke. They make you stand and "climb" hills throughout the workout, so sitting and pedaling is usually the easy recovery part of the workout. I'll be interested to hear what you think if you try out a class.