Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Back to it!

Well, I was out of commission for a few days because I was sick, then I was out for another few days because I was in Vegas.  :P  Well, those overlapped a little, but I was in Vegas for a few days over this past weekend.  Julia stayed with Robert's parents.  It was really really nice to have a few days with just Robert and I, without the almost-constant caretaking that the baby requires.  I missed the baby terribly but we had a few nice, leisurely meals and napped a lot.  It sucked to be sick during the beginning part of the vacation, and I spent a LOT of time in our hotel room pumping to try to clear out the infection, but it was still nice to get away.  We gambled a little, drank a little wine, and mostly just hung out (perhaps the lamest trip to Vegas ever but still nice).  Nice to have some adult time.

Robert was in Vegas for work, but fortunately he was able to skip part of it and come back with me - a day earlier than we had originally planned - to beat the blizzard of the century.  It was really nice to have him home, especially since yesterday was a snow day and my birthday.  So, while it still drives me bonkers to stay holed up at home all day, I got several nice breaks when Robert took the baby and I could be off the clock for a little while.  Plus, how can you beat having all your family safe and snug at home when it's snowing outside?  (The blizzard itself was underwhelming - "12 inches of snow and blizzard conditions" turned into "2-3 inches of ice and snow, nbd.")

Unfortunately, I have no photos of our time in Vegas or the "blizzard."  I'll try to get back on the photo wagon soon.  I've also taken an unexpectedly long hiatus from half-marathon training.  I'm itching to get back on that wagon too but I may not make it out to the gym until tomorrow.

And.... my birthday brings a lot more introspection for me than the new year or any other annual anniversary.  This time last year, I was about a week away from finding out I was pregnant.  I had just started my research job, and I had just gotten Scrappy.  Since then, Scrappy has stayed the same, I got huge and pushed out a baby, the baby went from Emma Lightning to Julia Maslen and is now so big, I quit the working world altogether, Robert finished up his MBA, and I've gotten healthier and kicked some habits.  While I won't list my past vices since the internet doesn't need to know everything, I'm physically in much better shape than before.  I'm growing up, I guess.

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