Saturday, October 29, 2011

Six Things Saturday

I'm liking the numbered/bullet point blog posts.

1. We went to not one, but TWO costume parties today with Julia. Fortunately they were both after the afternoon nap, so we had to leave one early and arrive at the other late, but it worked out and we were all social troopers. It was also probably Julia's only chance this weekend to wear her Halloween costume since I don't think we'll be doing any trick-or-treating. (And we need to buy some candy for our own trick-or-treaters, since I ate the designated bag not once, but twice. Yep.) Julia is doing great with other kids, and it's neat to see how her approach to other children is changing. But, let's be honest, her favorite part is playing with someone else's toys. I have a few more ideas for her Christmas list now!

2. The reason we could do all that is because her sleep has gotten much better these past two days. She woke up at 6:30 this morning (!!!!!) and took two nice, normal naps without protest. Now her naps aren't long - 45 min in the morning and 90 min in the afternoon, but that seems to be her rhythm. It's nice when we're all in sync. The bad news is, she went to bed at 7:55 - later than the past two nights - tonight due to our social butterflyness today, so I don't know how well tomorrow morning is going to go. The good news is, it's my turn to sleep in so I won't be bearing the brunt of it if it goes terribly.

3. Our basement progress has stalled. We worked so hard to get the walls and floors finished before Julia's birthday party, and ever since then, we've totally forgotten about it. But, we have rugs and stairs-carpet coming on Thursday, so our my goal is to have the baseboards caulked and painted, along with all the rest of the trim, by then. If I'm awesome, I'll have the stairs walls painted too. Once we do that and get the rugs/carpet in, we might be able to start moving furniture down there. Unless, of course, we decide to fix up the ceilings. We'll see. For now it's just kind of a dumping ground for Julia's toys. She loves it, at least. Living in a house that's out of sorts kind of stresses me out.

4. Julia has 8/16 of her molar points in - we're making progress! Her nose is also doing a lot better and her bum is good enough that we're finally back into cloth diapers. Fingers crossed we don't regress, or if we do, it's not by too much.

5. Are leggings pants? I've always maintained that they're not, but I might be changing my mind. I have awesome black boots that look great with leggings, but I don't have tons of great-for-leggings tops. I tried a shorter shirt earlier this week, and it was weird. I felt all exposed but it was also pretty comfy and I'm really not sure how much I care. Hopefully everyone's looking at my awesome boots and not my butt.

6. And lately, I've been having enough trouble coming up with a decent-looking, comfortable outfit. I guess because this time last year, I had just had a baby and all I was wearing was sweats, and before that I was working. I guess I just don't have many SAHM-suited fall and winter clothing. Anyways, the end result is, I now wear the same outfit two days in a row. Isn't that gross? It takes me enough effort to put together a cute outfit that it's only worthwhile if I get two days' worth of wear out of it. I know. I know! It totally weirds me out too but I'm still doing it.

And I'll leave you with a few thoughts from Julia:

What she thought of the football performance today.
Touchdown? Oh. No. Not a touchdown.
Later in the day...
Not feeling the costume change.

Unsure about this whole puffy-ladybug thing.

"At least I'm not actively crying, alright?"

"Alright Dad. I've had enough. I'm going back to the car."

Mom steps in for a pep talk.
Doesn't my hair look good here? I blow-dried it today for the first time in probably four months.

And like the outfit? Good, because you'll be seeing it again tomorrow.

Finally happy, playing with someone else's todays.


  1. I love your hair! It looks gorgeous. I'm so glad you're embracing the same outfit two days in a row. I don't think it's gross but maybe that's because I do it too. Julia makes the cutest ladybug ever! I like the photog skilz on the second walking picture. That's the kind of pic that makes me think of Julia being 1 going on 16.

  2. Pretty funny about the disappearing Halloween candy. Your man is looking very handsome with his little lady bug!!

  3. Such an adorable ladybug!! And your hair looks awesome, by the way :)