Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pumpkin patch Sunday!

So, today, we (and about 8000 other people) took advantage of our crazy-unseasonal weather and went out to a pumpkin patch! Totally not anything R and I would have done before Julia, but now that we have a baby, it seemed like a wholesome, family good time. We got pumpkins for the whole family, and even though we didn't have enough time there since we were working around J's nap schedule, I'm still glad we made it out. (I feel like I'm jinxing myself by saying this, but I cannot WAIT until she drops her morning nap. It's practically impossible to do anything that's further than ten minutes away from our house because she's almost constantly napping or about ready to nap.)

And, our other good news - J cut two teeth today! She's been teething like mad, and I think she has five total coming in right now (and four of those are molars), complete with runny nose and diaper rash. But that late front incisor and a top molar broke through today - hooray! Still have a ways to go, but it's progress!

"What is this place, Father?"

"Totally not sold yet."

"OMG pumpkins?!"

"I must investigate further."

"I'm off!"

"A pumpkin wagon?!"

"A pumpkin IN my pumpkin wagon?"

"Pumpkins schmumkins, the tractor is the best!"

"Brmm brmm"

"See Dad? This is how it's done."

"Brmm brmm!"


"Wait. I was on a tractor and now I'm on the pumpkin wagon with a bunch of pumpkins and a gourd?"

"Mommy, Daddy, Baby, Scrappy."

"Scrappy's my buddy, even in symbolic form."

"But why is Baby's pumpkin so small?!"

"Alright guys, I'm done."

"And not impressed by the rest of the festivities. I may even still be going, 'Brmm brmm.'"

"That's right. Ready to go. In style. Gucci girl. That's me."

Also, for those who are interested, I think this is the cutest video of Julia yet. Ignore my way overly enthusiastic egging on in the beginning, please. :P


  1. You better watch out! She may turn out like her Aunt K and steal your car at age 15. She is such a smart little girl, I can't believe she's not even 12 months yet!

  2. Sooo stinkin' cute!!! Yay for more Julia!

  3. Oh my goodness, she gets cuter every day. How is that even possible? Can't wait to see you guys this weekend!

  4. Nicole D's DadOctober 14, 2011 at 8:35 PM

    8th picture down... if I didn't know any better, I would think that was your baby picture