Friday, October 28, 2011

Five Things Friday

I'm stealing this "Five Things Friday" from another blog I follow. I like the idea!

1. The princess slept until 5:59 this morning! I put her down last night at 7:30 instead of her usual 8 or 8:15. Didn't hear a peep out of her until this morning. I actually went to check on her around 4 AM just to make sure she was still breathing - haven't done that in awhile! I'm crossing my fingers for a repeat performance tonight. R slept in the guest room so he could get a good night's sleep in case everything went to hell in the early morning hours, so I think tonight it's my turn. Either way, I should sleep well tonight. Amazing how different that makes the day - we're BOTH happier! Thanks Marc!

2. We still haven't put our house back together from Julia's party. Basically, I shoved everything that could be classified as "clutter" into Robert's study, and shut the door. And I kind of like our house the way it is right now so I've been totally unmotivated to put anything back. We also have a garage full of basement overflow, since we've been making progress on the basement remodel. It's starting to stress me out, but it's a solid day's work, if not more, and I just don't know when I'm going to have a whole day without the little one "helping" me.

3. When Julia and I read her animal book, she can point out "mouse" to me now. Then she immediately puts her hands up to her lips every time. For "mouth" - get it? It cracks me up.

4. We're probably reaching the end of our nursing journey. She's still nursing once a day in the mornings, but this morning she was definitely still hungry when she was done. I think I'm going to try to merge our morning nursing session and our sit-down breakfast, and I can totally see her dropping this final nursing in the next week or two. It makes me sad. I thought I'd be happier about it. I'm glad we did what we could for as long as we did, but I also feel disappointed that I didn't do a "better" job (no or less formula, extended nursing, whatever else the hippies are advocating right now, etc.). Which I know is irrational, but I hear the end of nursing causes a bunch of hormonal changes so I'm just going to call "Hormones!" and leave it at that.

5. There's like a baseball game on or something lately. I ought to care more, but I just don't. I watched the early part of the game last night - the error-ridden innings - got pretty disgusted with everyone all around, and went to bed. Robert, on the other hand, watched every second of the game and ran around our family room at the end going, "Raaaaaah" like a crowd-cheer. Then people in our neighborhood set off fireworks. Awesome. I'm glad tonight's the last game.

And, since I enjoyed Photographic Memory Lane so much earlier this week, and I have no current photos for you, here's the little cupcake last November:

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  1. But you're from Dallas....and you have the whole house divided thing going on! Go Rangers!!! (however I'm not feeling that positive about it tonight)