Monday, October 17, 2011

Just a few randoms...

Random facts about Julia right now:

  • She loves pressing buttons. She loves putting our garage door up and down, and pressing elevator buttons. It makes me smile for now but I know we're in for like, ten more years of "Mommy let me press it let me press it!"
  • We read together three times a day - before her two naps and before bedtime. She doesn't let me actually read, but she turns the pages very authoritatively and lifts flaps and sticks her fingers through the holes that the Very Hungry Caterpillar made in his three plums and four strawberries. She sits in my lap so calmly while we do this. It's such a lovely routine.
  • She's still teething. That stray bottom incisor is in, and both her top two molars have come through a little, although not all the way (they're bigger than I thought they'd be!). I'm ready to sleep a whole night through.
  • We're also weaning. This makes me sad but I seem to be losing my milk supply and she seems to be losing interest. We're still going strong on the first morning feeding but that's it. We're upping her whole milk and dropping a little bit of formula. It's going smoothly so far, after a few freak-outs on my end because I don't know what I'm doing or how to go about this process. 
  • She got her very first pair of "real" shoes! They're adorable. Her favorite part was the Nordstrom balloon she got with them.
  • She's putting things into things. I know that sounds lame, but it's so cool to see her trying to put things together instead of just destroydestroydestroy. Her attention span isn't great though, so mostly she just picks things up and puts them down elsewhere in our house. We have so. much. stuff. on the floor everywhere all the time now.
  • She loves making noises. She likes the lion - "Raarrr," things that move or steer - "Brmm brmm," and doggies - "Oof oof!" She also yells, "DA!" when she's in a room with me, and looks over to the doorway, presumably hoping that R will come over. She yells "DA!" at the dog too though, so maybe it's all the same to her. 
And some random photos to go with the random facts:

Reading on her chair. This chair is a total hit with her!

Hangin' out in the backyard.

"Please Scrappy I would like to play with that too."

Caught this one at just the right moment! "No don't eat the stick!"

Mrs. Potato-Head eyes. She's totally got that concept.

Anything cuter than a baby in pajamas and Uggs?

A preview of photos to come... We did a photoshoot this weekend, and this is the one pic I was able to snap before this sticky mess crawled out of the picture.

And for me, today. A hot cup of tea and a thunderstorm.

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  1. Ha ha ha! My brain doesn't know how to process the second to last pic. I can't wait to see the others. Baby Uggs... how freakin' adorable! They actually make her look older and more mature. She looks like she's accomplishing something rather than just playing with a pillow on the floor.