Monday, October 24, 2011

Julia's Birthday Party

We had Julia's birthday party this past Sunday. I drove myself about insane trying to plan for it. We don't have people over very often so I had some issues figuring out an appropriate level of preparedness for guests. (Like, are they going to be upset that the candles on the wall are red when the rest of the decorations are pink?! Must go find matching pink candles! What about that dent in the wall in the hallway - should we spackle and paint that before anyone gets here?! And what if a kid wants ketchup with his chicken nuggets? We have ketchup but other peoples' condiments freak me out so maybe it freaks out other people too and maybe I need to go buy individual ketchup packets in case someone wants one! Ahhh! And that's how you end up with a shopping list of pink candles, spackle, and ketchup packets.)

Anyways. I put up some decorations (not gonna lie - the ones that haven't fallen down on their own are still up), made chili and some child-appropriate food, and sent Robert running all over town for cupcakes. Everyone seemed to at least not hate the party, and no one mentioned the dent in the wall or the candles or anything else I was obsessing over, so I'm calling it a success!

Here are the few photos that were taken of the event, for all those who couldn't make it:

My favorite part of the decorations - our front door.

The party room.

The party girl.

Doesn't this just melt your heart? Daddy singing Happy Birthday to J.

"No no no don't touch the candle!"


Trying it out a little.

There we go!


  1. I love the little pictures of Julia with her arms in the air! She looks so excited. Just one more day until she's 1, will she be getting a "ton" of birthday celebrations with the party before, her actual birthday, the party with her two favorite aunts in 1.5 weeks? ;)

  2. I think James is stalking her cupcake in the candle picture...

  3. I for one did not notice your candles or anything else you mentioned but it could have been that I needed a nap more that the darling guest of honor. It was a wonderful party ... thank you for including us. Happy Birthday to beautiful Julia tomorrow.