Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Yes, I'm alive

This isn't a "catching up" post, just a "yes, I'm still alive" post.

We decided to go full-steam ahead with the kitchen remodel so I've been immersed in that. One of the reasons we chose to do it now is because the contractors are slow, which means they've been able to move very quickly on this job. Great, of course, but it means my days have been a whirlwind of tile, light fixtures, countertops, and other major, permanent house decorating decisions that I feel very ill-equipped to make. But I'm plowing through (golf claps) and hopefully things calm down in a few days.

On the Julia front, briefly: she's learned "no" and started throwing mini-tantrums when she doesn't get her way. And she's stopped sleeping through the night, so she's exhausting me.

Today, we were playing in the family room. She was throwing a fit because she didn't fit inside a little toy car the size of her foot, when a workman walked through the room on his way out the front door. She immediately stopped crying, gave him a big grin, and blew him kisses as he left. That pretty much epitomizes life around here lately.

But, Robert and I have started taking night shifts again, and sleeping in the guest room on our nights "off." Last night was a pretty good night for her, and I'm off tonight, so two decent nights' sleep in a row ought to do me some good. I'll be back to blogging on a somewhat regular basis (hopefully with some kitchen update pics!) in a few days. Maybe a week.

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