Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

....with a few words because it's my blog and I do what I like. :)

Last nice day for awhile so we hit the park again. Everyone else cleared out within ten minutes of us getting there, which felt awkward but meant we had the place to ourselves. 

I'm hoping the crummy weather tomorrow will at least bring us some snow so we can try out the sled.

Julia's a little sick. Nothing too bad, just a head cold, but I'm also hoping she gets over it without much more incident. And there should be a rule that allows pregnant women to get out of cleaning up toddler snot because I could have sworn I was past the nausea stage but I found my trigger today.

Also had an OB appointment - all is good with #2. It was one of those pointless appointments. I can feel her kick so I know she's alive, and I feel fine, so it was a lot of waiting around for a five minute convo with the OB. But, I know I'm lucky to have such an uneventful pregnancy so I'm not complaining - much better this than the opposite. So funny how laid-back I am this second time around compared to the first.

Anyways. Enough words. There's a new Modern Family tonight that's calling my name.

I know it's noisy and underexposed but I love this picture anyways.

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