Friday, January 6, 2012

Five Things Friday!

1. Beautiful weather again today! We went to the park, and it was JAMMED. I tried to get some photos but I was too busy keeping Julia safe from the older kids or chasing her after she ran off after doggies. And interacting with her, of course. :)

2. I'm looking at preschools for Little J for this fall. It's a little daunting - the sheer number of schools to consider, and the prices of many of them. I'm also bumbling through this process because the fact is, I have no idea what I'm doing. Thank goodness for the internet. What did people do before Google?!

3. Julia recognizes butterflies, ladybugs, snails, frogs, and airplanes in her book. They all have associated hand gestures and she'll do them as soon as she sees the photo or I ask her something like, "What does a butterfly do?" It's cool because her receptive language skills are noticeably increasing and it's reassuring. Because today after her nap, when I went to go get her out of her crib, she looked up at me, gave me the biggest, sweetest smile, and went, "Dada!"

4. My back hurts. 

5. I signed up for an online photography class. It starts next week and I'm pretty excited about it. I tried several times to sign up for something in person but I could never coordinate a schedule with the baby, so when I came across this, I decided to give it a shot. I also desperately need help in post-processing. Photoshop scares and confuses me, so I never edit any of my photos, but I think I need to learn. So I'm starting with iPhoto (lol) and below is my first attempt. How does it look? Overdone? Too much effect-ness? Completely adorable and heart-warming? Yep.

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