Thursday, June 2, 2011


Well, it's definitely summer here, and over Memorial Day weekend, we all packed up and went to the pool - first time for Julia! Of course the whole production took like three hours for a grand total of maybe twenty minutes of actual swimming, but Julia seemed to enjoy it, despite the water being pretty cold! She loves splashing, although I'm not sure that the pool gave her any more happiness than her bedtime bath. Regardless, she was adorable in her bathing suit and hat and it was a nice way to spend a holiday Monday afternoon.

But, do I have any photos of her being totally adorable in her bathing suit and hat in the pool? Of course not. I was so flustered trying to remember everything else that I left my camera in the car. So I have photos of the baby as we're about to put her back in her carseat and leave, so she's hot, sweaty, tired, and wet, she's lost her hat, and her swim diapers are hanging out of the bottom of her bathing suit.

Fortunately, she can rock pretty much anything.


  1. First! She did look pretty darn cute in her hat!

  2. So adorable! I can't wait for Addison's first pool time!!

  3. That girl is so darn adorable. Kills me! Love the yellow giraffe print!