Monday, May 30, 2011

Long weekend

It's been a great weekend. The weather is nice and hot, I got some time to myself, and we're headed to the pool once Julia wakes up from her nap!

Of course the day after I post about her awesome seven-month sleep habits, she pulls a 180 on us. Literally that night, she was up six or seven times, and it's been a struggle since then to figure out how to handle her when she's screaming in the middle of the night. I don't feel teeth, although they could be moving around in there, and there's no other obvious culprit for this shake-up, so I'm totally at a loss.

And we've been staying up late lately to work on the bathroom so I seriously need my sleep - you hear me baby? So work this one out soon please.

Enjoying the weather with Sophie on our back porch this weekend.

"This is such an awesome hat!"

Feeling her chompers.

Are we having trust issues? Looks like it.
Oh and the highlight of my weekend - Julia, Robert and I were having dinner at Bread Co. Sunday evening, and a stranger came up and asked how old Julia was and said she was cute. No big deal. Then he came back later and said that her concentration and the way she was interacting with R and I was way advanced for her age and she must be really smart. :) Of course I agree (smartest baby ever even from the ultrasounds, right?), and R was all like, "Well he didn't say he was a doctor or anything so what does he know?" and I know it was just a random thought from a stranger, but it made me grin all evening. Even when she doesn't sleep well and she's crankypants for no reason, she's still pretty cool.

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