Monday, May 2, 2011

Six month check-up

The little sweet potato continues to be slightly on the smaller side of normal:

25.5 inches tall (42%)
42.2 cm head cir. (44%)
15 lbs, 12 oz (47%)

She did great for this appointment, and even made it through shot #1 without crying. Poor doll seems to be bothered by teething right now too so I didn't hold back the baby tylenol today and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that helps us all tonight. And in keeping with the tradition of hitting a milestone a few hours after I circle "NO" on the behavioral checklist, she started babbling this evening. It was upset, complain-y babbling, but R called me in to listen to her go, "ma ma ma na na na faaa" as he did the final diaper change of the night. It was adorable and I'm hoping we get more of it in the days to come. :)

My little imp.

Showin' off the scars... Or the shot bandaids at least.


The ubiquitous blanket shot, with a little bit of crazyeyes going on.

Ahh it's a crazy baby!


  1. I love the idea of the sweet potato! Cute! Her pix are awesome and it sounds like everything is going well!

  2. Ha! Do you think she gets the "crazy" from you or R?

  3. Maybe we can do side by side pictures and see if Jess' or my "crazy" looks more like her. I'm guessing me...