Friday, June 24, 2011

Bathroom Remodel - Part 2 (90% there)

So I won't bore anyone with all the mid-way photos of the bathroom; I'll just skip to the good stuff. We're about 90% done with it now. R and I need to hang a mirror, buy and hang towel racks, a TP holder, change out the door hardware, and all that little stuff.

Oh and spend a billion dollars on a shower door. (For now we have a ghetto shower curtain, complete with wrapping paper ribbon holding it up to a tension rod. I refuse to spend one more stinking dollar on that shower than I have to so I wasn't going to be buying shower curtain rings or anything.) We're going to wait a month or two on the shower door, just because I can't bear to spend any more money on the room right now.

Our teeny-tiny bathroom:

Gonna put some glass shelves in that mosaic cut-out above the sink, for our toothbrushes and stuff. And add a mirror one of these days too. And that tangle of wires near the light switches has since been hooked up to our automatic floor-warmer. *grin*

Sink and vanity combo stolen 100% from Young House Love. I'm still not sure why theirs looks so much better than ours but I'm pretty happy with it. It's cleaner now too by the way.

 And this is an earlier photo but the view out to our bedroom hasn't changed. Yeesh.

Yep. That's our bedroom.

Today is our contractor's last day, so things are starting to get a little cleaner. Keep your fingers crossed that he can finish putting up the last of the trim so R and I can get started cleaning and painting this weekend. We're SO ready to be back in our bed and have full access to our closets and drawers again. This whole process has taken eight weeks (although our contractor doesn't really work full days or weeks so he hasn't been here all day every day for those two months), and we're really sick of sleeping on the guest trundle beds and grabbing our clothes out of the laundry room every morning. But, I'm really happy with the bathroom and the way things turned out (despite the shower door issue and a replacing-a-few-broken-tiles-in-another-bathroom disaster that happened along the way).

Was it worth it? Give us a few weeks back in our bedroom and bathroom to fully decide. :)

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