Sunday, September 18, 2011

Photo dump

So I'm obviously SO behind on blogging. The photos and blog topics have been piling up and I think I have no choice but to declare blog bankruptcy and start with a fresh slate.

But, I'll do a photo dump to get some of these cute photos out there for my family.

Playing at the park.

I go out of my way to find new and exciting parks and she gets obsessed with a hole in the ground.

Very intent.

Won't even look at me for a photo. 

Except to say, "Mom! Dirt!"

"Dirt through my fingers..."

"Dirt on my leg..."
(She was equally obsessed with rubbing dirt on her leg this trip. Beats me.)

She's been loving her little blanket lately.
She walks around the house with it and it makes me think of Linus and laugh.

She also loves the sheer blinds we have. She'll play peek-a-boo through them and thinks it's hilarious.

Also loves the sippy cup and her water.

Not sure how much we'll get to use the fireplace this winter, with Ms. Puts My Hands On Everything.

But how could you be upset with that face?

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  1. Love all her expressions...that last one is too cute!