Thursday, November 18, 2010

Well there is so much going on and at the same time so little.  Lia is getting more alert by the day - I can't believe she's already 3+ weeks old!  She'll focus on our faces now, and sometimes even track things going across her field of vision.  Once I smiled at her and she smiled back (which I know is just coincidence at this early age but I'll still pretend it was intentional!).  The books say she can't smile socially yet but that she will smile out of contentedness, and I think we're getting an occasional contented smile. :) She seems to be less edgy and a little calmer overall.

Yes that's a dog nose dangerously close to her head.  She got a lick right after I snapped this!

Yes my little peanut?

That's how much you love me?!

Seriously the most adorable baby ever.

Lia went to Grandma's house yesterday for a few hours.  It was bittersweet for me - I don't know how I'm going to handle her going to school in a couple years!  I felt all lonely watching Grandma drive off with my baby.  But, they had a great time, and I got a massage and went shopping and collapsed on the couch for a little bit.

I had to buy pants in a size that I've never bought before in my life, which was incredibly depressing, especially as I hear more and more that the last of the baby weight doesn't come off until the baby is weaned.  So I feel kind of doomed.  On the other hand, I got a pair of Sevens for $34.99 (thank you TJ Maxx!) so that mitigates things a little.  I have postpartum photos but I haven't gotten the courage to post them yet.  I'd much rather post adorable photos of Lia.  I know I'm biased but she is just the most beautiful baby ever.

Aunt Sarah is coming in to visit tonight.  We're excited to have her!  Hopefully we'll get out a little, do something fun, and have more photos to post in a few days.  :)


  1. Oh so sweet :) My niece (3weeks) is starting to smile as well! (Randomly, but still so cute!)

  2. She's beautiful! I'm sure you look great. You probably weighed less than I do now when you were 9 months pregnant! :P