Thursday, December 1, 2011

Quick - Three Things Thursday

Just a quick update tonight because I need to get to sleep. I was busy with life today instead of with the internet, which is a good thing, but I'm also dying to get a book reviews post up. Problem is, I'm about halfway through a book I'm absolutely loving so I want to review that too but of course I can't until I finish it. I'll try tomorrow.

Anyways. Three good things today:

1. Got new family room furniture! Yay! It's pretty cheap, since we couldn't bring ourselves to buy anything nice. With two kiddos and lots of juice boxes in our future, it seemed like it wasn't worth the stress to keep something nice and clean. So, I don't lovelovelove it. But it's new, and it smells new, and it looks really different and it's pretty cool.

2. I got Julia's blood drawn! Whew. I didn't realize how much I had been dreading this. I had been putting it off, for one semi-legitimate reason or another, for over a week and it was time to face the music. We went to a hospital, where the phlebotomist stuck her once and missed. I informed her that she only had one try, so then off we trekked to peds, where not one, not two, but three peds nurses got it on the first try. The buildup was way traumatic, the actual stick wasn't too bad, Julia screamed for a really long time while we held her down and they looked for a vein, and I cried a little. But, they got it, and it's over, and God willing, we'll never be back.

Also, being in a place like that really makes you feel overwhelmingly grateful for a healthy child. I felt so lucky that we were there for something routine, and that IV's and blood draws and nurses and hospitals are not part of our daily lives. *empathy/terror/horror/sadness/gratitude*

3. I got jeans in the mail today! They fit! They feel awesome! I gambled on the size and won, and when I put them on they stayed up and looked alright - pretty much the only two requirements I have of maternity jeans right now. So that was pretty thrilling.

I took some pics today but the babe either walked off with my camera or forced me to hide it somewhere when my mind was on something else so I don't have any idea where it is.

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