Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lazy Thursday

R's mom took Julia for several hours today, so I was able to knock off some of my to-do list. And spend some QT with my couch, eating salt & vinegar chips in front of some RHOOC.

I got Christmas presents for R's family all wrapped (still need to finish up a few things for my side but I have another week for that). I got the vast majority of our Christmas cards done (now all I have to do is get over my weirdo performance anxiety and drop that big beautiful stack of finished cards in the mail). I did a decent amount of laundry, culled the too-small clothes out of Julia's closet (all those adorable summer dresses... *sniff*), and busted out the rest of my maternity clothes from storage (eehhhh). And I made two phone calls I had been putting off. I know this is even more boring to read than it was to do, but at the end of these days, I never feel like I actually accomplished anything, so it helps me to write it out. (I'm still way behind on correspondence so if I owe you an email or a message or a thank-you note, it's coming, I promise. Just didn't happen today.)

The amazing news is that Julia's rash is looking WAY better. I'm so happy and relieved that this might be behind us. I told Robert tonight - in the four months she's had this yeast rash, she never once got normal diaper rash on top of it. I'm pretty proud of that. No regular diaper rash - not a speck - in four months. Boo-yah. I talked to the dr's office today and they recommended extending the oral Nystatin another week, because it does seem to be working, just to make sure everything is gone. No problemo - it's way easier to give her medicine four times a day than to do diaper-free time for hours on end.

Julia herself has been pretty adorable lately. Despite some super-weird napping today (I second-guessed myself on the one-nap-only thing and, shockingly, turned out I was wrong), she's been learning like crazy and acting completely delightful. She's turning into a cuddler, even if it's only for a few seconds at a time, but it's the highlight of my day when she comes over to me or asks to be picked up, and then collapses her little body against mine and goes, "Ahhhhh." I melt. We also spent half an hour this morning avoiding the tv and reading on the couch with a blanket instead. Someday I'll be able to read my own book instead of "Baby's First Day!" but it was still lovely. I cannot wait until the weather gets better and we can go to the park and do outdoorsy things. She's so interactive now (I know I keep saying that but it just gets more and more true!) that it's getting much more fun to do things with her.

And, speaking of interaction, here she is, showing us she knows perfectly well how to use an iPhone. So easy, a 13-month-old can use it?

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  1. omg, she's the smartest 13.5 month old ever! what is RI IOOC? Whew! I'm so glad the rash is almost over, I was so worried. keep me posted for sure ;) sounds like you're entering the side of parenthood that is the reason people have kids, to interact with them. it'll only get better from here (w/ J at least).