Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tiny tiny new baby update

Between technical difficulties and general uncooperativeness on New Baby's part, we ended up at the 3D ultrasound place three times and still haven't been able to get a clear photo of her face. She just loves to keep her fists up by her mouth - we might have a serious thumb-sucker here! As far as I can tell, she looks a lot like Julia but might have a little more me in her. That's a pretty safe guess though, so we'll just have to see the old-fashioned way -  when she gets here.

She's more active than Julia was, and she hiccups rarely. She's finally head-down and positioned much how Julia was for the end of my first pregnancy (that's good - even though I still get the occasional bladder-punch, generally she's just kicking the outside and not my kidneys!). 

I'm getting Braxton-Hicks a lot by now, brought on by everything from Julia nursing to me standing up quickly. No need to be worried until/unless they become consistent and time-able, says my OB, and they haven't been close. Not to mention that, at almost 33 weeks, she's plenty viable - not that I want her to come out underdone, but it's a relief mentally that she'd be fine if an emergency were to arise. 

Her nursery has the essentials - furniture and diapers - with quite a ways to go on the details still. Fortunately I still have everything from Julia so I've had to buy very little. Getting ready has been so laid-back compared to the first time around that it feels like I'm forgetting a whole bunch of things. Thank goodness for Amazon and online ordering.

I also *finally* got a photographer lined up for an upcoming photo session. Whew. That was surprisingly tough - I've gotten a LOT pickier since I've taken more photos of my own. Although I'm nowhere near professional, I know just enough to be really critical of other peoples' portfolios.


  1. I think she's Julia 2.0. I have a baby picture of Julia on my desk (the one with a pink headband) and the eyes, nose and chin all look pretty similar.

  2. Oh, she does look like Julia! How cute! Glad to hear that all is well and you're ready for your little lady. I still need to see that nursery! Who did you end up picking for your photos?!!! I'm dying to know!!

  3. I think she does look more like you at this phase than Julia did. Of course I don't have the 3D ultrasound pic of J to compare to, I'm just going off of fuzzy recollection. Are you and J going to make it down to Texas one last time before the baby comes?