Sunday, November 6, 2011

Petting Zoo?

So, I had two friends from high school come visit me this weekend, which was awesome! It was very cool to sit around and catch up. I love how we were able to go seamlessly from topic to topic - how ridiculous we were in middle school when we all met, what's going on in our lives now, and what we hope will happen far into the future.

I took everyone to Suson Park on Saturday, with promises of a petting zoo. Unfortunately, while there were rows of animals in stalls with "CAREFUL - WE BITE!" signs, there was no petting zoo. So we looked at some cows and horses and ducks, and we watched Julia play on the playground a little. (Fortunately, I think I salvaged the day for my friends with massages and tapas for dinner.)

I'm really thankful my friends made the trip out here, and I'm exhausted today, which I think is a sign of a weekend well-spent. :) (Well, that and maybe having a baby for the end of DST.) I also had book club today, which means I'm working on another book reviews post (working on = a list of titles on a post-it and thinking about it a little in my head). I also owe the internet some photos of our basement, which is coming along. I'm hoping if I put it up here, I'll follow through sometime this week.

The good thing about the "petting zoo" - lots of pics of Julia:

(K/ND: These are all mine - I'm saving yours for the next post. My family gets antsy if I have too many blog posts without baby photos so I'm going to dole them out slowly.)

Yes, that's a pink baseball cap with a "J" on it.

Not impressed by animals in stalls.

You wouldn't know it by her expression but she loved the swing.


She spent a lot of the outing pretty unsure of things.

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