Thursday, August 4, 2011

Because this is more fun than doing the dishes...

Not much to report today. I bought some clothes for me, which was cool. I've been looking at my closet and realizing the last time it was summer and I wasn't pregnant, I was working at the law firm. And my law firm clothes, while adorable, aren't exactly grubbing-around-on-the-floor-all-day-with-a-baby clothes. So I've been slowly trying to work in some comfy t-shirts and cute shorts. So that was fun.

The other cool thing: Julia was playing around with the tv remote today, and changed the input or something so there was just static on the tv. I go, "Julia, that's static. It goes whooosh whooosh." And she looked right at me and went, "Sssssshhhh sssssshhh." I've never even heard her make that noise before! (Although it was pretty quiet; maybe she's been practicing and I never realized it.) It was cool. She kind of barked back at our neighbor's dog too. Maybe now that she's getting really good at walking, she's starting to focus on communicating with the rest of the world around her.

Anyways, these are the only two photos I took of her today. Nothing special but she's always cute.

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  1. she looks so teeny-tiny in a picture with something to compare her to!